Corporate Training & Education

Making your kids safe is our utmost goal

We are dedicated to educating as many people as possible about safety for kids in the car. We are available to talk to mothers’ groups, community groups, not for profits, schools, daycares and any one else who would benefit from learning from our expertise!

Training and pricing will be tailored to the individual needs of each group or organisation.

Community Groups​
If your community group or NFP is involved in transporting children, ensure all your members are trained in the safe installation and use of the necessary seats. Great for groups such as Women's Refuges, community health centres, multicultural organisations and more.
Daycare Centres
Many daycare centres now offer school drop off/pickup and outings as part of their curriculum. It is especially important that carers are educated in the correct use of child restraints for various age groups. Reassure parents by having your staff trained in all things car seat safety!
Mothers' Groups
Get a group of friends together and we can talk about the different stages of car seats, common mistakes, and the safest seats. We can also do car seat checks and demonstrations as part of the session.